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More than 12,000 Vision Screenings Each Year

child's eye exam

Did you know? In addition to dozens of vision screenings open to the public each year, Preserve Vision Florida provides screenings at more than 500 additional sites in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. This year, we expect to screen more than 12,000 children and adults. One in four children has vision problems. Early detection and correction help children see their bright future!   Thank you all again very much. I was shocked that Skylar had a vision issue. We may not have known for quite some time that our daughter needed special eye care, let alone glasses. I work with children…

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2022 Person of Vision: Tampa Mayor Jane Castor

Mayor Jane Castor

Preserve Vision Florida honored Tampa Mayor Jane Castor as our 2022 Person of Vision on April 13. At that time, we also celebrated Preserve Vision Florida’s 65th Anniversary of providing vision services to Florida’s children and adults. The Person of Vision award annually honors visionary leaders who have had a profound impact on the region or the State of Florida through true community leadership and vision. Established in 1979, the Person of Vision Award has recognized visionary leadership in the arts, business, education, public service and community engagement. Recent recipients include: Banker and Chair of the State University System of…

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Coronavirus: How eyes may play a role in its spread

Our eyes might play an important role in the spread and prevention of the coronavirus outbreak seen throughout the world. To cut your personal risk of contracting the coronavirus, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. The mucous membranes that line various cavities in the body are most susceptible to transmission of the virus. Patients who have contracted the coronavirus may have ocular symptoms including Conjunctivitis – an inflammation of the membrane covering the eyeball. This is often referred to as “pink eye” and often presents as an infected/red, “wet and weepy” eye. Conjunctivitis is very contagious,…

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